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Life’s saddest version:-The smile that turned into a cry — August 26, 2014

Life’s saddest version:-The smile that turned into a cry

Years back ago in a village of India, there lived a son & a old mother. They were very poor but were struggling through  their lives to pass it normally. The son was young man of 26 years old & was a teacher in a small government school of village. Her mother was an old lady whose husband had died several years ago ,who a
used to do farming on the fields of rich landowners. There was a daughter in the family also, who married a guy from another village far from there. The family had seen so much pain & hard time in their life that the term ‘smile’ was very uncommon to them. Now , only mother & son were facing the harsh challenges of life by doing whatever work they could find as nobody’s job was fixed , & the money earned was quite low in which only one time food can be eaten. The son used to taught kindergarten students in the school & gets very less salary. Then , one day while teaching at the school a notice came that an inspection is going to be held in school for which all the teachers would be assessed according to their performance. The next day the same happened. He tried his best to teach the student but the inspector stopped him & said that these are small students , teach them with a smile on your face. Who knows the pain behind the face of a man who had seen so much harsh times in his life , has lost father & struggled with the life to just get one time food daily. No, that face could not smile. He tried to teach with a smile but failed. The inspector asked him to practice & gave one more chance to present himself the next day. He tried at his house to teach with smile several times but his efforts were in vain. The next day he went to school to present himself in front of inspectors & student .he started to teach but was unable to bring smile on his face. The inspector stopped him & asked to smile & then teach. He once again tried & he smiled but the smile was very unusual because it was a very unwanted smile that was coming from a face that has faced numerous sadness of lives. It wasn’t considered by  the    inspector as a smile but an unusual expression in a face of a poor villager. He rejected that & asked other teachers to removed him from the post of the teacher from the school. The man went his house very sad. The moment her old mother asked about his presentation , he replied to her mother , the whole incidence. He also said that he lost his job.  After which the mother said to him in a tone of  confidence that what’s in a smile , let me show you & she smiled which turned into a laughter which was fighting over all the struggles & pain & was unnatural, unusual & created. The laughter turned slowly into a cry from the mother’s heart. After which both the mother & son cried holding each other. What a sad & heart crying moment was that…