Well, life seems so easy and organized when things around us goes according to our planning and when we work under our comfort zone. We are so balanced and in total control when things are right and perfect.

Now, the irony is life is not perfect. Neither it should be. What makes life’s journey so interesting is that we don’t know what’s coming. That thing can be positive and pleasant for us or it can be totally opposite and unexpected in an unpleasant way. Now, there’s a bit of learning here.  What life actually, teaches us is to be cool in the uncomfortable situations. In situations, where it becomes little bit difficult for us to remain cool and composed, where our senses gets out of control and we start to give up. These types of situations come in life, not once but many times and we often make the same mistakes. We give up on our senses and patience to deal with the situations.

Anger develops in us and it’s the first step which indicates that we are starting to lose it. it takes a big dimension and the positive points, our productivity starts diminishing and it doesn’t matter how much talented and productive we are but that thing could no longer help us because that’s have been overtaken by the negative factors such as anger, fear and hopelessness. These factors work very efficiently and they make sure that we lose it the right way. Who has given them a way and affect us in negative way? The answer is that we are responsible for that. We are responsible for developing those negativity around us and they are only developed when the things gets out of order, things get out of shape, when we work out of our comfort zone and in lot of similar situations.

Even if a situation gets out of our control, keeping calm is the best thing we can do in the situation because things like anger or being impatient will be of no good. Time covers everything and the situation will also come in control but it will take some time and we need to be calm in such situations.

Now, if situation like this occurs, how can we keep us calm and patient? , how can we work under such situation? Well, I think practicing would help us. There comes time when we are facing a hard and unpleasant phase, when our negative factors are on the rise in us, when situations are totally out of control. These are the times we need to train ourselves, we need to practice calm and patience, and work. We need to put us out of our comfort zone and work. I think that would give us a better practice of staying calm and composed even if situations doesn’t goes according to our planning. No matter, how much time it takes to compose yourself and  to compose the situation but, it would be controlled for sure. So, practice to work out of your comfort zone to beat the odds.  So, what I conclude is “one who works under controlled situation and in his comfort is a player but one who works against the odds is definitely a better player.”