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what it actually takes to stand out in crowd? — May 27, 2015

what it actually takes to stand out in crowd?


I had a kind of thinking or I should say a misconception, which now I think I shouldn’t had. That misconception was that I used to think that my thinking, my philosophies and my ideas are slightly different than others. I used to believe that I don’t think like others, my thoughts are different and I am somewhere more mature in ideas.

But, now I know how much immature I was. How much immature my ideas were and I wonder sometimes why I used to think like that. Not only in the case of thoughts and ideas but also in many aspects. I don’t know others think like this way or not but certainly I used to. Now, I knew that, those thoughts were a mistake because those restricted the working capacity in me. Those thoughts bounded me with a limit.

What this exactly means is that, probably because of those ideas and misconceptions I never worked seriously, as I should. Actually, those thinking and ideas also had some positive points I must say. What they inculcate in me was the confidence level to some good extent, positivity that whatever would happen, that would be good for me and I was sure and confident about any task that I can surely do this. Yeah, that were good points, I had a comparatively good confidence, always. That was good! Wasn’t that? But, it had a lot of negative points which I can certainly point out now. That confidence and that believe was there in me that I am best, I am good decreased the working capacity and the feeling of the necessity that I should work more on myself for anything, I should work for the perfection because I still might fall short of this never came in my mind. Why? Why did these feelings never occur to me? The reason was the unmeasured confidence level in me, my thoughts and in my heart.  Well, these type of thinking might also have an ancestor thinking that has pave its way to these kind of thinking but whatever that was, that was not good in this case and for me, certainly not.

Now, I am glad that I don’t have that kind of feeling anymore, because now I don’t feel confident without having sure that I have done enough work on myself, I have work on all the directions and on all the topic. Now I know the competition and I know that it takes a lot of effort to stand out. This always remind that I am no different than anybody, I am the same guy like others, I do have the same thinking and I can do no different than others if I hadn’t work on myself enough or more than others.

Now, I know that what actually, creates a difference and separates you from the crowd is the work you had put in yourself, your efforts in you. Working hard will certainly give rise to a new confidence level in you but that confidence level would be a measured confidence level. A confidence level because you know that you had worked hard enough, you had perspire yourself more than others and you certainly deserve to stand out in the crowd not because you are gifted with miraculous thoughts and positivity in you but because you have worked hard enough for that.

What I want to clarify here is no doubt you need to have a good confidence and the feeling that you can really standout in the crowd but never let that confidence to limit your hard work and efforts to a certain level because everybody is same like you and everybody has got their own thinking and philosophies in their mind. “What will create a difference is the hard work you had put in yourself. “