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                                                             original photo credit: Hans Brexmeier)

It is the hope, that gives the confidence to step out and try that’s true but how much hope should we keep?

Whenever we do any work or in a process of doing a work by which amount should we hope that we are going to succeed in that particular work. Because, when I do any work I set my hopes on top of everything and I really feel the confidence which I get through that hope. But, not always that kind of hope is good when your task is not actually measured because that can cause a downfall in a confidence level to an extent where we can’t reassemble us and can’t find the strength to start again.

There must be hope, that’s important and the initial step for any task or anything in the world but my point is that, it should be well measured hope, a hope that is constant and on which we can rely throughout our task.

Actually , what happens is when our hopes are not according to our measurement  and are not well assessed,  and if an obstacle comes on our way we lose it to an extent where we may find little or no strength to recombine our energy and that’s the stage when we become completely hopeless. That’s because we were hoping for the best and after when we realize that we are no near to that best we lose our strength and stability.

Also, when we don’t have any hopes then there’s no reason for us to start anywhere and there we can’t find any strength that will help us to reach our goal.

So, what should we do? How much we should hope?

Well, I think we should assess our goal or task to a level, we should analyze it and should keep a moderate hope, an average minded hope and that kind of hope in which we know that there would be many obstacles, there would be time when we would lost everything and there would be time when either we would move back or we would find the strength to move ahead. This is the kind of hope where we know that we need a constant amount of strength and constant work need to put in it even if obstacles are there and breaks our motion. This is a well measured hope that knew that the obstacles were coming for us but we need to regain the strength and move again in the direction.