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never forget the fun! — May 30, 2015

never forget the fun!

Often, when we do any task or any activity that are related to our goal in a sort of way, we make a mistake and that is we start taking the task so seriously and in a challenging way that we forget to keep the fun part into it.

Now, what’s the fun part behind anything or any sort of activity and why does it matter?

Remember, we always choose a work or do any activity because we like doing it and that’s right, we do what we like but in the long run what we lack is that we fail to keep a track of that and we fail to remember what excite us to choose that work. In short, we exclude the fun part out of it and due to which it often seems boring and it starts to take an extra effort which comes to that work like a current flow through a resistor. I mean, it sort of resists that natural effort which used to initially come when we started.

What we do is we exclude the fun part, the learning part out of any long term task and that decreases our productivity and learning, that certainly would have been better if we remember why we started and we need to keep a track of fun and the learning part in it.

There are many variations that we can bring in our activity to get that fun part into any task since chances are always there that we might lose it somewhere and what we can do is we can always change our ways. We can bring variations into it and there are always spaces for new innovative ideas. What we need to see is that we are really enjoying what we are doing and we are learning from it.

We all start because we liked what we do but keeping that throughout the particular activity is more important for more effective and positive results. This will give a better understanding and a better learning of the work or any activity you just did. This reduces the hard work needed for a particular task or I can say it no longer seems hard work instead it seems like learning and also it gives a desired result.

So, don’t forget the fun part behind any task.