Often, in the darkest hour ,the time when we are going through it, facing the harsh challenges of life , we sometimes encounters the positive outcome, an idea and the thoughts which probably would never had come across our mind if we had not gone through the situations.

It’s not that they can be only encountered when the life darkest hours comes and when our soul is threatened to its extent but some experiences, which are few also makes them cross our mind. Life can take any shape and can go in any direction. You may lose sometime and you may succeed some time but what is the thing that we need to uphold is the positive outcomes and the things we need to get ready for the next time.

Even when we feel like we are not loving the particular experience we need to learn a methodology of shifting our mentality in the favor of the experience. We need to see the positive outcome of the experience and should grab the opportunity of learning something positive out of it. in this way we would never take anything like a bad experience in life because what we had was an opportunity that taught us something new, something we would have never understood if we had not gone through it and also it prepared us for the worst situation. It made us come more stronger than we are and it made us more skilled. It gave an overview and made us at ease for the next time.

What makes us always happy and always gives an opportunity of learning is to take the bad experiences of your life as a learning, locate the positive outcome and an opportunity to meet the thoughts which would have never crossed your mind.

that’s the reason i don’t feel there is anything that we should regret of, anything we should feel bad for, everything is a new learning, a new experience and it’s all part of life.