When the negativity in us is on a rise, unexpected and unwanted things always takes place. These negativities always take the shape of mistakes and that’s ok if we made mistakes. Doing any mistake is a human nature. It only becomes inhuman when we are doing the mistakes recklessly and are not having a bit of realization.

Why do we need to realize?

In order to answer the above question we need to understand that “why do we make mistakes?”

Remember, we do make mistake only when we are out of our senses and there are negativities around us. In these conditions anger starts to rise, we become impatient and lose our control. And in the influence of these negativities there is a certain possibility that we would make mistakes.

That’s okay if you did any mistake

That is total okay if you did any mistake because it’s totally normal but it is not okay only if we do not have a self realization option in us. Then it’s a tragedy. Then nothing can save you from the effect of those negativity and there are always chances that the mistakes are again going to happen.

Self realization helps us to actually understand where the hell we were wrong. What forced us to do that mistake and why did we do that. it guards us from doing that mistake again and again and I fear those we don’t have this option in them because they are at the most critical condition.

That’s why it’s okay to make mistakes only if we realize.