This is a normal tendency of our brain and heart that they do not work in the mutual agreement of each other. Sometimes where our heart goes, the mind opposes it and where the mind want to go the heart opposes. This brings a new person in yourself that opposes all the activity that you want to pursue, the thought that you want to work on. This happens when you feel like why your every thought is getting negative, thinking just the opposite of everything.

For instance, if I have been given a task that I have not to bring a particular thought for the next one minute but I would not be able to do that because for the next one minute I would be restricting my mind to stop thinking that particular thing for one minute and in this I would be thinking about that particular thing only. That’s a normal tendency.

Often, there would be thoughts that would be not in your favor, that will be always contradicting you and sometimes they completely become senseless. Our mind works in a mutual relationship with the situation, if situation is calm it works calmly but if it’s little bit shaky our brain would work in the opposite direction doing trick with us all the time. Our mind and heart just uses the situation and condition to prove us wrong, to send us in the wrong direction and to give up. It’s like there’s always a person that thinks the opposite of whatever is our requirement, it always think what we shouldn’t do and it always proves you wrong. It lowers the confidence level in you and always forces you to lose confidence, feel shy where you shouldn’t, think negative where you should not, forces you to do anger where calmness is needed.

That’s not me and that’s not us. I mean nobody is like that. Everybody knows what he or she wants and everybody knows the right thing to do but is thinking and doing the opposite of that. why?

Well, I think here I should give a name to that and it’s not that it has been always in us, we are responsible for that person inside us. We have given birth to that inside us. We are responsible for that person and we have given him or her a way to go ahead, to carry on and to do whatever he or she want irrespective of what we want or what we think. We have given it a way to let us doubt on every particular task we do and every particular decision we take.

So, what’s the solution for that one?

Well, I think since we are the one who have given that person let take place in us and we are the one who are letting it do its will. So, I think if we are keeping a negative person or whatever we can say that proves us wrong and does the wrong think, then we should keep another person in us who will do the right thing, who knows what is right and one who is capable of making this negative person understand that what’s the right thing to do. In other word we should virtually create a one more person who is capable of doing the right thing. If this negative person says us no “you don’t look good” then this new person says “you look awesome”. If this negative person says “this is the wrong decision” then this new person says “no, this is the right one” and this negative person says “it’s impossible” then this new person says “it will be done”. It’s the incarnation of that person which was in you, always but was somewhere lost and now he is back because you have brought it back.