I wasn’t clear that what did I actually mean when I said that but there was something it ignited in me. I know for many years I never treated my life the way I need it to be treated and always escaped from whatever I was doing. Although I should have known that I could have treated it the better way if I had respected what god’s has given me and that’s “life” the precious gift of almighty.

When life turns into a burden?

I question myself that when exactly it turns into a burden and I found my answer that when we are just living our life for the sake of living it and we are not actually understanding the meaning of it that why it could have been given to us, why us? Everything in this world happens for a purpose and everything has a reason and when we get that reason, we will not be living it because we are not dying but because we will be living it. We will not spend the days like they just needs to go rather we will make every day and every hour worth some bucks, some bucks of the productivity, creativity or something that’s for the sake of us or it can be for anyone.

Understanding the life is the foremost important thing we should do and we should work for it. we should do what we like nor the things we are forced to do and most important we should understand why we are doing it. we should not do anything for the sake of just doing it rather we should do it because we are meant to do it. we should have no hesitation in doing it and we should be proud of doing that. Everybody has given this life to be a part of it and to do whatever the shit they want to do and it’s your choice of doing it the right way or the other way. Nobody is going to stop you and neither  you let your inner critics stop you. You will learn with time the errors and mistakes you have been doing but you should never leave the hope. You can always re- evaluate , re-analyze and re-arrange yourself but never give up and keep pushing it unless you can’t push it anymore.

When you are not loving what you are doing here then your life turns to a burden so I say just treat it the way it deserves.