For a long time in my life, I used to worry about things that did not matter but I was worrying about them. Often, sometimes there are things that gets complicated not because of situations but by us because we care too much about that, we think a lot about something that even doesn’t matter in a long run and we make our things complicated.

We keep on entangling ourselves in it like an insect which tries to get out of the spider web but the more it tries, the more it entangles itself.

I say that just keep an attitude.  A “ fuck it “ attitude for the things that constantly makes you sick, constantly challenges you and constantly confuses you. The reason is most of the things will never matter in the long run, will never affect you. But, it can make a hell of your present. It will keep you busy with the things that don’t matter anywhere.

 what really causes the stress?

Well, I don’t think anything else causes the stress on us rather than thinking too much for a thing or for a mistake or anything. Anything means just anything from any perspective. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen and nothing is going to stop it and so why are we even thinking about that thing anyway if we can’t do anything about it. can we change something we have done.  Well, I don’t think so. I thing rather thinking over something will even make our other things wrong and less productive.

Often, many times we are not even clear about the things that are worrying us or what is the main source of the particular thing that is creating the stress in our mind. If we will continuously think over a particular matter then we are not losing our valuable time but the productivity, the value and the learning. And we are going to lose all these things because of all the bullshit going through our mind.  We are making things complicated for us and losing the valuable things that are more important for life. well, I think whatever is bothering us and is of no use rather than making our other things complicated and worse in some cases. we should say one thing to those things “fuck it” and which means we don’t care . Just keep a “fuck it” attitude and things will go your way.