We are bound by our beliefs badly. So badly that it effects our actions and our thought processes.  There is insane potential in a man but he cannot go after it 100 percent because his belief and his society restricts it. fear, I am fearful to take a new step because until I make sure it’s a right step or is going to accepted by the society I am not going to take it unless I make sure that I have literally no fear. None.

Karma or energies are constantly flowing out of body of a human being. What vibration you send out ultimately comes back to you in a unique manner. That should be the belief. Do good and good will come to you.

Every other thing is a shit holding you back. Religious, historical, wrong mental beliefs and fear. The ability to go right through them would come if we improve and look for answers from learned persons, books and nature. Overcome all the wrongs this society have been teaching you since birth and come out of it.

It is all belief boundary that stops from activating the work(karma) inside you.