The whole universe is an energy. There is a collosal body of energies that surrounds us. It’s not just about our actions that makes us face the consequences but even a single thought on which we may think and decide.

We delay our things, our learnings for future and keep on depending on our habits and our thoughts which we want to change and give half hearted approaches but those thoughts also releases specific amount of energies to forthcoming thoughts. They become coded in brain sluggish habits imparting sluggishness nature.

These thoughts play their role in utmost significance and corrupts the brain functioning which ultimately hacks the thought system. Often happens with us that at sometime we are so motivated and enthusiastic and feel like all powerful but at times we feel low tired or hopeless and distracted. Distraction is the thing which mostly leaves us confused.we can’t surmount our positive thoughts and remember our goal at these times because we gave energies to too many options and those options took energies. They derived energies from them and left little for the ultimate goal. The escaping from thoughts and diverting energies to so many options will left with less for the one which requires most. Strength is adding those energies and adding them up for the right ones.

Brain is powerful when it is feed with right thoughts and one directional approach and not leaving it baffled at crossroads. It just doesn’t effects results but also the approach. Remember, good vibrations would be back in most complex manner to you which will even be difficult to decipher but they for sure will.