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hitting it hard with a new mentality — May 23, 2015

hitting it hard with a new mentality


When I initially started going to the gym, I had the enthusiasm and energy for few days but as time passed I started feeling like not going to the gym anymore. Actually, I lacked the motivation for hitting the gym. I would go to the gym and would lift weights but with each going on sets I would not have the motivation for the next sets. It was becoming a matter of formality and not the interest and enthusiasm. There were some reasons which I concluded that why I was not having passion which I earlier had. Following were the reasons I was lacking the passion and motivation:

  • I was working without a good diet.
  • I worked in the evening after work hours so I was tired while working out.
  • I would not work on my abs and thighs.
  • I lacked the motivation for training.

Well, these were some basic reasons why did I lack the motivation for the fitness but what was important that I was lacking was the mental power and the will power because I was physically into it but not mentally. I knew I had to make some changes in my mind to actually regain the passion for fitness. I did some of the basic changes in my daily workout routine.

Following were the things I changed in me:

  • I started following good diet.
  • I started jogging.
  • I started playing sports: playing sports gave me the endurance power.
  • I started getting motivation: I started following fitness instagram blogs, youtube videos,etc.
  • I started working out abs and thighs.

These were the basic changes but most importantly I changed my mental attitude towards fitness. These things motivated me towards fitness.

I developed a beast attitude and started hitting gym hard. I had developed a special kind of endurance capacity that was always in me but I needed to know those strengths and endurance. Now, I can work harder because I know that it was always in me and with every going set there is the excitement of seeing the more shredded body and the best possible shape of my body. whenever I feel that I can’t do this, I look into the mirror and I say to myself “trust me, you can do it”. this is the mental attitude which is more important.

Now I know that what kind of body I want and there is no limits which can stop me. I can go beyond limits. My mindset has changed totally and I know that I can hit it hard.

I don’t focus only workouts but also on jogging, playing sports and diet because they are equally important.

Fitness can only be acquired by performing all the physical activities and running, playing, etc are also equally important in order to increase the endurance and stamina of the body. but, on the top of everything is the mindset for the fitness.