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Exploring the universe — May 28, 2015

Exploring the universe


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I often question myself that, what do I like to know more, and which things keeps me more and more interested. Well, there are a lot of things but I am here with an intention of sharing with you what influenced me with the idea of writing this post.

So, I start here. When I was in my school, I was highly interested in physics, although not everything kept me interested in physics but few topics about which I was highly interested and wanted to know more and more. That was because those were the topics which have the practical relation with our life and the things around us. Those were the topics such as gravitation, laws of motion,light,etc. I wanted to knew about them more and more. They gave me a zeal about the things around us and how actually things work around us. Well, that was just the beginning when I knew that I actually have a interest in physics.

When I move on further, I saw a show on Stephen Hawkings time travel theory on discovery channel. That left me thinking for some days and I was highly amazed by the imagination that even a machine can be made through which we can travel time. Although its, just an imagination by a scientist yet but imagining that, that even can be possible brought my interest closer to laws of physics. I remember, I had once read a book named “the time machine” by H.G Wells about which I no long remember much but yes that was surely an interesting book. That book kept me real excited at that time, that was a long time ago. I even used to imagine myself as the protagonist of the story and would draw many different imagination of myself. That was just daydreaming but, that was fun. Now, I will come back to the Stephen hawkings vision of time travel that “how a train made around the earth capable of running nearly around the speed of light would take us on a journey of time travel”. Wooh! Man that seems next to impossible but whatever, even just thinking of it makes me crazy and forces my mind to know about it more and more.

I remember , once I was watching a documentary on sir Albert Einstein’s life. that left me mesmerizing for a long time. I was highly influenced by the dedication of Einstein towards physics laws. The famous theory of relativity( E=mc2 ), that’s energy is equal to product of mass and square of speed of light, gave a new direction to the physics laws and gave a new dimension in the field of physics. Einstein life was a struggle for him in his early days but he did what he liked. He was not interested in learning dates of war but instead he wanted to know the reason why war happened. His life is a truly remarkable example to do what you like to do in your life.

Even movies with the great scientific concepts of time travel such as predestination, the time traveller’s wife, the future trilogy and a lot more with it’s concepts, fills me with a hope that there might be some chances that we could really travel the time. Not only time travel, I am not saying I am only influenced by the time travel but I am influenced by all the things that are related to physics and its applications.

Our, universe works on some laws. I mean how exciting it is that those large bodies revolves around the sun in a unique manner. I still can’t believe the thought that life is only on the earth and not on other planet. Possibilities are always there, that we still might find the traces of aliens somewhere and actually see them in this one life of ours. Even if not possible, knowing about these things would never stop in me. If I come around any news on the news channels or anywhere that there are some news of UFO sightings, I stop for a moment to know about them. I don’t care whether aliens are dangerous or they are not but there’s a fire inside me of knowing them about more.

The movies related to science fiction fills the excitement in me. Now, I know that I am interested totally in unwrapping the truths of the universe, the laws behind all of it and how they can be applied to bring new things around us. There’s a heap of things around us to know about and that what’s excites me. Maybe we are far from the reality, maybe things around us are not the way we know it and there would always be things that would excite us. We are fortunate enough to be in the world where there needs lot to explore and learn.


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To know about these things more, we need a silence , an observation of the world around and an unending amount of interest to know more. No matter what I am doing, I always like to know more and more about the universe.