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Beliefs — September 10, 2019


We are bound by our beliefs badly. So badly that it effects our actions and our thought processes.  There is insane potential in a man but he cannot go after it 100 percent because his belief and his society restricts it. fear, I am fearful to take a new step because until I make sure it’s a right step or is going to accepted by the society I am not going to take it unless I make sure that I have literally no fear. None.

Karma or energies are constantly flowing out of body of a human being. What vibration you send out ultimately comes back to you in a unique manner. That should be the belief. Do good and good will come to you.

Every other thing is a shit holding you back. Religious, historical, wrong mental beliefs and fear. The ability to go right through them would come if we improve and look for answers from learned persons, books and nature. Overcome all the wrongs this society have been teaching you since birth and come out of it.

It is all belief boundary that stops from activating the work(karma) inside you.

keeping a “Fuck It” attitude — June 12, 2015

keeping a “Fuck It” attitude

For a long time in my life, I used to worry about things that did not matter but I was worrying about them. Often, sometimes there are things that gets complicated not because of situations but by us because we care too much about that, we think a lot about something that even doesn’t matter in a long run and we make our things complicated.

We keep on entangling ourselves in it like an insect which tries to get out of the spider web but the more it tries, the more it entangles itself.

I say that just keep an attitude.  A “ fuck it “ attitude for the things that constantly makes you sick, constantly challenges you and constantly confuses you. The reason is most of the things will never matter in the long run, will never affect you. But, it can make a hell of your present. It will keep you busy with the things that don’t matter anywhere.

 what really causes the stress?

Well, I don’t think anything else causes the stress on us rather than thinking too much for a thing or for a mistake or anything. Anything means just anything from any perspective. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen and nothing is going to stop it and so why are we even thinking about that thing anyway if we can’t do anything about it. can we change something we have done.  Well, I don’t think so. I thing rather thinking over something will even make our other things wrong and less productive.

Often, many times we are not even clear about the things that are worrying us or what is the main source of the particular thing that is creating the stress in our mind. If we will continuously think over a particular matter then we are not losing our valuable time but the productivity, the value and the learning. And we are going to lose all these things because of all the bullshit going through our mind.  We are making things complicated for us and losing the valuable things that are more important for life. well, I think whatever is bothering us and is of no use rather than making our other things complicated and worse in some cases. we should say one thing to those things “fuck it” and which means we don’t care . Just keep a “fuck it” attitude and things will go your way.

“Life” is a BURDEN unless you treat it the way it DESERVES — June 8, 2015

“Life” is a BURDEN unless you treat it the way it DESERVES

I wasn’t clear that what did I actually mean when I said that but there was something it ignited in me. I know for many years I never treated my life the way I need it to be treated and always escaped from whatever I was doing. Although I should have known that I could have treated it the better way if I had respected what god’s has given me and that’s “life” the precious gift of almighty.

When life turns into a burden?

I question myself that when exactly it turns into a burden and I found my answer that when we are just living our life for the sake of living it and we are not actually understanding the meaning of it that why it could have been given to us, why us? Everything in this world happens for a purpose and everything has a reason and when we get that reason, we will not be living it because we are not dying but because we will be living it. We will not spend the days like they just needs to go rather we will make every day and every hour worth some bucks, some bucks of the productivity, creativity or something that’s for the sake of us or it can be for anyone.

Understanding the life is the foremost important thing we should do and we should work for it. we should do what we like nor the things we are forced to do and most important we should understand why we are doing it. we should not do anything for the sake of just doing it rather we should do it because we are meant to do it. we should have no hesitation in doing it and we should be proud of doing that. Everybody has given this life to be a part of it and to do whatever the shit they want to do and it’s your choice of doing it the right way or the other way. Nobody is going to stop you and neither  you let your inner critics stop you. You will learn with time the errors and mistakes you have been doing but you should never leave the hope. You can always re- evaluate , re-analyze and re-arrange yourself but never give up and keep pushing it unless you can’t push it anymore.

When you are not loving what you are doing here then your life turns to a burden so I say just treat it the way it deserves.

the incarnation of a lost person — June 5, 2015

the incarnation of a lost person

This is a normal tendency of our brain and heart that they do not work in the mutual agreement of each other. Sometimes where our heart goes, the mind opposes it and where the mind want to go the heart opposes. This brings a new person in yourself that opposes all the activity that you want to pursue, the thought that you want to work on. This happens when you feel like why your every thought is getting negative, thinking just the opposite of everything.

For instance, if I have been given a task that I have not to bring a particular thought for the next one minute but I would not be able to do that because for the next one minute I would be restricting my mind to stop thinking that particular thing for one minute and in this I would be thinking about that particular thing only. That’s a normal tendency.

Often, there would be thoughts that would be not in your favor, that will be always contradicting you and sometimes they completely become senseless. Our mind works in a mutual relationship with the situation, if situation is calm it works calmly but if it’s little bit shaky our brain would work in the opposite direction doing trick with us all the time. Our mind and heart just uses the situation and condition to prove us wrong, to send us in the wrong direction and to give up. It’s like there’s always a person that thinks the opposite of whatever is our requirement, it always think what we shouldn’t do and it always proves you wrong. It lowers the confidence level in you and always forces you to lose confidence, feel shy where you shouldn’t, think negative where you should not, forces you to do anger where calmness is needed.

That’s not me and that’s not us. I mean nobody is like that. Everybody knows what he or she wants and everybody knows the right thing to do but is thinking and doing the opposite of that. why?

Well, I think here I should give a name to that and it’s not that it has been always in us, we are responsible for that person inside us. We have given birth to that inside us. We are responsible for that person and we have given him or her a way to go ahead, to carry on and to do whatever he or she want irrespective of what we want or what we think. We have given it a way to let us doubt on every particular task we do and every particular decision we take.

So, what’s the solution for that one?

Well, I think since we are the one who have given that person let take place in us and we are the one who are letting it do its will. So, I think if we are keeping a negative person or whatever we can say that proves us wrong and does the wrong think, then we should keep another person in us who will do the right thing, who knows what is right and one who is capable of making this negative person understand that what’s the right thing to do. In other word we should virtually create a one more person who is capable of doing the right thing. If this negative person says us no “you don’t look good” then this new person says “you look awesome”. If this negative person says “this is the wrong decision” then this new person says “no, this is the right one” and this negative person says “it’s impossible” then this new person says “it will be done”. It’s the incarnation of that person which was in you, always but was somewhere lost and now he is back because you have brought it back.

it’s okay to make mistakes only if… — June 3, 2015

it’s okay to make mistakes only if…

When the negativity in us is on a rise, unexpected and unwanted things always takes place. These negativities always take the shape of mistakes and that’s ok if we made mistakes. Doing any mistake is a human nature. It only becomes inhuman when we are doing the mistakes recklessly and are not having a bit of realization.

Why do we need to realize?

In order to answer the above question we need to understand that “why do we make mistakes?”

Remember, we do make mistake only when we are out of our senses and there are negativities around us. In these conditions anger starts to rise, we become impatient and lose our control. And in the influence of these negativities there is a certain possibility that we would make mistakes.

That’s okay if you did any mistake

That is total okay if you did any mistake because it’s totally normal but it is not okay only if we do not have a self realization option in us. Then it’s a tragedy. Then nothing can save you from the effect of those negativity and there are always chances that the mistakes are again going to happen.

Self realization helps us to actually understand where the hell we were wrong. What forced us to do that mistake and why did we do that. it guards us from doing that mistake again and again and I fear those we don’t have this option in them because they are at the most critical condition.

That’s why it’s okay to make mistakes only if we realize.

learning from the darkest times — June 1, 2015

learning from the darkest times

Often, in the darkest hour ,the time when we are going through it, facing the harsh challenges of life , we sometimes encounters the positive outcome, an idea and the thoughts which probably would never had come across our mind if we had not gone through the situations.

It’s not that they can be only encountered when the life darkest hours comes and when our soul is threatened to its extent but some experiences, which are few also makes them cross our mind. Life can take any shape and can go in any direction. You may lose sometime and you may succeed some time but what is the thing that we need to uphold is the positive outcomes and the things we need to get ready for the next time.

Even when we feel like we are not loving the particular experience we need to learn a methodology of shifting our mentality in the favor of the experience. We need to see the positive outcome of the experience and should grab the opportunity of learning something positive out of it. in this way we would never take anything like a bad experience in life because what we had was an opportunity that taught us something new, something we would have never understood if we had not gone through it and also it prepared us for the worst situation. It made us come more stronger than we are and it made us more skilled. It gave an overview and made us at ease for the next time.

What makes us always happy and always gives an opportunity of learning is to take the bad experiences of your life as a learning, locate the positive outcome and an opportunity to meet the thoughts which would have never crossed your mind.

that’s the reason i don’t feel there is anything that we should regret of, anything we should feel bad for, everything is a new learning, a new experience and it’s all part of life.

never forget the fun! — May 30, 2015

never forget the fun!

Often, when we do any task or any activity that are related to our goal in a sort of way, we make a mistake and that is we start taking the task so seriously and in a challenging way that we forget to keep the fun part into it.

Now, what’s the fun part behind anything or any sort of activity and why does it matter?

Remember, we always choose a work or do any activity because we like doing it and that’s right, we do what we like but in the long run what we lack is that we fail to keep a track of that and we fail to remember what excite us to choose that work. In short, we exclude the fun part out of it and due to which it often seems boring and it starts to take an extra effort which comes to that work like a current flow through a resistor. I mean, it sort of resists that natural effort which used to initially come when we started.

What we do is we exclude the fun part, the learning part out of any long term task and that decreases our productivity and learning, that certainly would have been better if we remember why we started and we need to keep a track of fun and the learning part in it.

There are many variations that we can bring in our activity to get that fun part into any task since chances are always there that we might lose it somewhere and what we can do is we can always change our ways. We can bring variations into it and there are always spaces for new innovative ideas. What we need to see is that we are really enjoying what we are doing and we are learning from it.

We all start because we liked what we do but keeping that throughout the particular activity is more important for more effective and positive results. This will give a better understanding and a better learning of the work or any activity you just did. This reduces the hard work needed for a particular task or I can say it no longer seems hard work instead it seems like learning and also it gives a desired result.

So, don’t forget the fun part behind any task.

the average minded hope — May 29, 2015

the average minded hope


                                                            (originally uploaded by BK on Flickr

                                                             original photo credit: Hans Brexmeier)

It is the hope, that gives the confidence to step out and try that’s true but how much hope should we keep?

Whenever we do any work or in a process of doing a work by which amount should we hope that we are going to succeed in that particular work. Because, when I do any work I set my hopes on top of everything and I really feel the confidence which I get through that hope. But, not always that kind of hope is good when your task is not actually measured because that can cause a downfall in a confidence level to an extent where we can’t reassemble us and can’t find the strength to start again.

There must be hope, that’s important and the initial step for any task or anything in the world but my point is that, it should be well measured hope, a hope that is constant and on which we can rely throughout our task.

Actually , what happens is when our hopes are not according to our measurement  and are not well assessed,  and if an obstacle comes on our way we lose it to an extent where we may find little or no strength to recombine our energy and that’s the stage when we become completely hopeless. That’s because we were hoping for the best and after when we realize that we are no near to that best we lose our strength and stability.

Also, when we don’t have any hopes then there’s no reason for us to start anywhere and there we can’t find any strength that will help us to reach our goal.

So, what should we do? How much we should hope?

Well, I think we should assess our goal or task to a level, we should analyze it and should keep a moderate hope, an average minded hope and that kind of hope in which we know that there would be many obstacles, there would be time when we would lost everything and there would be time when either we would move back or we would find the strength to move ahead. This is the kind of hope where we know that we need a constant amount of strength and constant work need to put in it even if obstacles are there and breaks our motion. This is a well measured hope that knew that the obstacles were coming for us but we need to regain the strength and move again in the direction.

what it actually takes to stand out in crowd? — May 27, 2015

what it actually takes to stand out in crowd?


I had a kind of thinking or I should say a misconception, which now I think I shouldn’t had. That misconception was that I used to think that my thinking, my philosophies and my ideas are slightly different than others. I used to believe that I don’t think like others, my thoughts are different and I am somewhere more mature in ideas.

But, now I know how much immature I was. How much immature my ideas were and I wonder sometimes why I used to think like that. Not only in the case of thoughts and ideas but also in many aspects. I don’t know others think like this way or not but certainly I used to. Now, I knew that, those thoughts were a mistake because those restricted the working capacity in me. Those thoughts bounded me with a limit.

What this exactly means is that, probably because of those ideas and misconceptions I never worked seriously, as I should. Actually, those thinking and ideas also had some positive points I must say. What they inculcate in me was the confidence level to some good extent, positivity that whatever would happen, that would be good for me and I was sure and confident about any task that I can surely do this. Yeah, that were good points, I had a comparatively good confidence, always. That was good! Wasn’t that? But, it had a lot of negative points which I can certainly point out now. That confidence and that believe was there in me that I am best, I am good decreased the working capacity and the feeling of the necessity that I should work more on myself for anything, I should work for the perfection because I still might fall short of this never came in my mind. Why? Why did these feelings never occur to me? The reason was the unmeasured confidence level in me, my thoughts and in my heart.  Well, these type of thinking might also have an ancestor thinking that has pave its way to these kind of thinking but whatever that was, that was not good in this case and for me, certainly not.

Now, I am glad that I don’t have that kind of feeling anymore, because now I don’t feel confident without having sure that I have done enough work on myself, I have work on all the directions and on all the topic. Now I know the competition and I know that it takes a lot of effort to stand out. This always remind that I am no different than anybody, I am the same guy like others, I do have the same thinking and I can do no different than others if I hadn’t work on myself enough or more than others.

Now, I know that what actually, creates a difference and separates you from the crowd is the work you had put in yourself, your efforts in you. Working hard will certainly give rise to a new confidence level in you but that confidence level would be a measured confidence level. A confidence level because you know that you had worked hard enough, you had perspire yourself more than others and you certainly deserve to stand out in the crowd not because you are gifted with miraculous thoughts and positivity in you but because you have worked hard enough for that.

What I want to clarify here is no doubt you need to have a good confidence and the feeling that you can really standout in the crowd but never let that confidence to limit your hard work and efforts to a certain level because everybody is same like you and everybody has got their own thinking and philosophies in their mind. “What will create a difference is the hard work you had put in yourself. “