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how to love everybody: a vision for a better world — May 24, 2015

how to love everybody: a vision for a better world

I was having a deep thinking for some time on the topic that why do we hate others , why do we pick fights and what really makes us hate others. Then I got inside it further, I started thinking about myself that do I really hate somebody or do I really wanted to hate anybody in this world. I could think of nobody but why. What makes me so soft hearted that I don’t want to hate anybody or I don’t want to pick fight with anybody. Then what makes anybody to hate somebody so much. Why war happened and what was the reason for those killings. This takes me inside a deeper concept. I thought about my childhood and the surrounding in which I have lived and the qualities and thinking I have inbuilt in myself. Alright, I have been treated right and I have been living my life to a satisfaction level and probably that’s why I don’t have a revenge or hating kind of mindset.  I could have been a different person, I could have a rude temperament or hating kind of view but I don’t have. I am soft hearted and don’t want to pick a fight or hate somebody. It’s not that I am weak or I think I don’t have the capacity to hate anybody or to fight anybody or to have a rude kind of behavior with anybody. What actually changed my outlook was the quality thinking and the surrounding I lived in. This might or might not change but what I actually feels right now is to have a good thinking and good behavior for everybody around.  I could have been a person with a different perspective for the society around and I could have been rude to others if my surrounding and the thinking would have been different. I would have been a different if my situation would have been different and if I had gone through some harsh phase in my life.

Then the thinking got more deeper. What actually have happened if I was a person with different kind of mindset, obviously,  I would not have been writing this blog post on loving others, I would have been different. I would have hated others and probably have expected the same from others. It’s like Sir Newton’s third law to every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. So what could have changed me if I was a rude, hatred and aggressive to others. The answer is pretty much obvious “love”. Probably I would have changed myself and my perception would have changed even if I wouldn’t have been a good, cool minded and soft hearted person. That love might have changed me.

A person perception towards world could be soft or hard but if they would get the right treatment afterwards that could change them. I think Loving and treating a person who didn’t give you the expected reaction is reasonable. Because, you could have been in the same position and would have gone through the same situation as the person in front of you that didn’t show the expected reaction. He is already suffering as he  has  already lacked the right situation, surrounding and the quality thinking that you are lucky to have. So, I think loving and treating the opposite nature the right way is also reasonable somewhere.  I think If I do have the quality thinking and the guts to challenge my own capacity of spreading the love, we all could, we all could change our thinking to a better world.

Check it out if you regret over your past. — September 1, 2014

Check it out if you regret over your past.

Ever regretted over your past , on any decisions ,any wrong actions or whatever the shit maybe … The most important thing is to realise it but never ever regret for it. The reason behind that is you are the result of all the actions committed by you only, it was only you & the consequences based on your decisions that has taken you to the position where you stand now. Probably , the things has to be this way only. There may be no other damn way that the things could have changed. Don’t blame your mindset , don’t blame your activities of past , don’t blame anything about yourself. It’ll never do good to you , instead would ruin your further life ahead. The life counts the moment you live to your best. Grab the moment , burn all the thoughts that stops you from moving ahead in life. The best way ever discovered to forget your bad past events is to forget it.  Don’t try to forget it , just forget it & believe me , it’s quite simple.
If you would try to figure out anything about it , probably it would make you fall into depression & a series of regrets would follow & that would be unbreakable , that’s why just forget it.
Whatever has happened till now & where you stand right now , if that is bothering you or whatever else is bothering you , come ahead & take it man!!!! Just take it… Living in the present is the need of the hour , be responsible for that , the moment you lost can’t be retained. Probably , life is to just move on …
The present moment defines , past doesn’t .
Accepting & moving on whatever you have & then acting upon is the only way needed right now. Deal with it. That’s only will make you contented in the long run. Start now for that. It’s never too late for that ,…   but don’t regret , don’t regret , don’t regret …
Involve in new activities that makes you feel happy, alive & gives a sense of satisfaction .
As fast as you will do new things, as you will get involved in it & carry it for sometime, the regrets will probably vanish in the sands of time & a real sense of living your life to its best would come to you. Try it !  even I have tried & the results were positive.

Are the God’s creation not enough? — August 31, 2014

Are the God’s creation not enough?

Whenever i read some news about things such as suicides, bomb plantations, blasts , killing of people over petty issues, raging, murders, rapes, etc…a question always comes to me that aren’t the God’s beautiful creations not enough to satisfy the people’s need, aren’t they???
People around us are also creation  of god but fighting over petty issues which finally takes bigger form ending in killings & hurting others badly is not done …its just not done! .
The problem arises when people take life so seriously that they even fail to think anything casually & just waste themselves & others , which is a serious tragedy of life.
Anger is a worst thing i ever consider & always hate it till the end of my life because i have experienced it badly & would try always to control it because it does nothing good, I know it should be there to channelise but if it is used in a wrong way , it is totally a demon.
Terrorist attacks such as bomb blasts & bomb plantations over here & there…what can we conclude about it ? Means they have considered humans as toys having no life & blasting here & there recklessly. I mean what kind of thinking a terrorist could have , it’s really hard to even think of . Who enjoys hurting other souls?
Suicides are the activity persuaded by many people daily.  These people may have really experienced a really tough , harsh, got hurt by others & whatever the reason maybe , is it right to commit a suicide? Don’t they find any other thing to get pleasure & split their minds to other things & just forget their problems.
People finds pleasure in hurting others & by doing this they get entertained. Are the God’s other creation not enough to entertain their minds, aren’t they?
Life should be a collection of good & bad events, it should be… That’s why it is called life … What’s the meaning of ending it.
Often , people takes their relation so seriously that they even can’t bear their partners with others ,now this is totally immature behaviour. Meeting & attracting towards someone new is a nature of a human … Why are you just enclosing them in your webs. Have a relation but moreover have an open mind.
This world has numerous things to do. There are many chapters in it , if one closes another will definitely open , it’s you who need to open it.
God have created a world of uncertainty. Are they not enough???